I'm looking for a specific title. How can I find out if you have it in stock?

The best way to find out if we carry an item in any one of our stores is to call the store directly. The employees at the store should be able to check for you instantly. 

I'd like to know if you'll buy my collection before I drive to a store. Is this possible?

We cannot guarantee offers on items we haven't seen. If you have more specific questions about what you're trying to sell, it's best to call the store you're thinking of visiting. 

Do you still buy VHS?

We will take a look at VHS that are brought into our stores. However, given that there isn't a large market for VHS, we will generally pay between $.00-$.03 per tape. 

I have a turntable/set of speakers/amp etc. that I am trying to sell. Do you buy electronics from customers as well? 

No, we do not buy electronic entertainment equipment.