The Best Vinyl Store in the Bay Area


New Vinyl

From classic albums to the latest releases, Rasputin has the best selection and the best prices. You'll never buy your records anywhere else again! Plus we have record players from entry-level models to models for the vinyl enthusiast, as well as accessories like clear outer sleeves, cleaning brushes and 45 adapters.


Collectible and Used Records

We sell used records at all of our stores (don't miss the bargain bins too!), with our Mad Monk store in Berkeley being ground zero for used and collectible record shopping in Northern California! If you want to indulge your rare record hunter, check our collectible record site, and look for us on Discogs as well.


We Buy your Used Records and Collections

Top Dollar! Rasputin wants to buy your used records! We want all kinds of music, but especially classic rock from the 60s and 70s, jazz from the 50s and 60s, classic soul, 70s and 80s punk, reggae, blues, metal, modern indie rock, and rap. For large collections, we'll even make a house call. Email us For more information